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Links to New York Times articles detailing the NY Attorney General's
fraud investigation of Ganas cult founder Mildred Gordon, then known as Mildred Smith,
and the diploma mill/unlicensed therapy school GROW that she founded in 1966.

Ganas founder Mildred Gordon
Help Ganas Victims:
Trauma Recovery Services

Mildred Gordon Bio

Sexual Predators

Unlicensed Mental Therapists Accused of Sexual Abuses
City to Look into PhD Use at Group Therapy School
State Finds Quacks in Mental Therapy
Some Counselors Said to Abuse Law
Self-Accredited School
200 Degrees on Faculties Held Bogus
Six at School Lack Accredited Degrees
Diploma Mill Rise Disturbs Educators
Many Here Hold Doctorates of Un-accredited College
Credentials Mad Society
Ontario Begins Inquiry